In my practice as a physical therapist I rarely come across a trainer as competent as Mark. I wish he were closer as I would refer my patients to him for follow-up care! Presently I am working on a manuscript that focuses on prevention of injury through physical training. I am depending on Mark’s thoroughness and expertise as editor.
         M.R.C. RPT   -   Brighton, MA

    Mark has proven to be knowledgeable not only in various training techniques and nutrition, but is able to bring the best out of an individual both physically and psychologically. I dare say, he knows my capabilities and limitations (physical and mental) better than I do.
         R.K.F.   -   Atlanta, GA

    Poppa quickly establishes a rapport with his clients and can pin-point their fitness requirements. His enthusiasm is infectious.  He inspires one into a fitness state of mind.
         J.A.   -   Bradford, PA

    Mr. Lewis is a lifelong devotee of bodybuilding.   He has extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and nutrition.   He is indispensable when it comes to choreographing a posing routine.  After a year under Mr. Lewis’ tutelage I have made great gains, the best being an increase of 5” on each thigh.  When I have any problems, whether training related or personal, he is always there.
         J.B.H. , MD

    Mr. Lewis evaluated my needs and successfully corrected the strength and flexibility imbalances that my job had created. It has now been over 1 1/2 years since I’ve had any problems and I am still working at the same job.
         M.G.   -   York, PA

    After just 3 weeks under Mr. Lewis’ guidance, I added 15 pounds to my bench press and 30 pounds to my deadlift, and increased my squat poundage substantially.
         D.F. - Atlanta, GA

    What I really like about Poppa the most is his genuine concern for his students and he has a “gift” of making these sessions fun!
         J.B.   -   Bradford, PA

    Mark is also able to mix his firmness and resolve with patience and adaptability to his student's needs in order to reach the desired goals.
         G.F.G., DDS

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