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TIP # 09

As I write this, my little girl, ( OK, so she's 28 ), is undergoing major back surgery. I'm not ashamed that my mind is not 100% focused on getting this column finished. In fact, as I sit here in the hospital waiting room, watching my wife pace the floor, I'm drawing a total blank!

So, this month's 'Tip' is more of a shameless plug than a training or nutritional tip. But, since it' IS my web site . . .

In a perfect world, everyone from 12 to 112 would train with weights. Whether for bodyshaping, performance enhancement, or just for overall health, weight training should be a life-long endeavour for every-one. Even those that feel they already look and feel great often find that they were only about a 6 on a scale of 10 once you finally talk them into training.

Well, the world isn't perfect. Not everyone trains. ( Even some folks that KNOW they really need to . . . don't. )

Another problem of this imperfect world is that the vast majority of people that would train at The Dungeon if they could, live too far away from Bradford, Pa. to make that feasible.

The answer to that little dilemma is to become one of our correspondence clients. After getting all of your pertinent information, discussing your goals and where you will be training, I will design a training routine specifically to fit your needs, goals, schedule and lifestyle. Then, via E-mail and telephone, I'll monitor your progress and answer all of your training and nutrition questions.

What we offer on this web site is not a tangible item that can be boxed up and shipped out, but a service . . . the best training supervision and support you will find anywhere! We're very proud of that.

I'll teach you how to do things right . . . how the little details in form can mean the difference between an exercise being worthless, or making a huge difference in your training results. I'm talking about great results with 1/2 of the time investment in the gym.

Along the way, when you have questions, I'll have answers. That's part of the program.

So, consider this a call to arms, if you will. Do you think you're ready? Are you serious about meeting your fitness, bodybuilding, injury rehabilitation, sports conditioning, power lifting or figure shaping goals in 2002? If you are . . . call me at 814-362-2705, or E-mail me at [ poppa@poppasdungeon.com ] today. I'll get ya there quicker.

Oh! And don't forget . . . for those of you that compete in the sport of bodybuilding, my posing routines are about the best value for any competitor, amateur or pro.

( In case your interested, the surgery went VERY well! )

Try this month's tip for 30 days. Then [ E-mail ] me and tell me about your progress.

- Poppa

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