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TIP # 12

Hello, and welcome to the July Tip of the Month!

This month's tip is on breathing. As radical as some of my views are, my basic thinking on breathing happens to be right in line with the medical and scientific communities:

YOU GOTTA BREATH! In fact, it's a good thing to breath every day . . . ALL day!

Oh . . . you knew that? You're doing that already? Good!

Now's where my views may drift a bit from the "expert's" . . . how should you breath when you are lifting weights?

My 1st rule is DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH when lifting a weight! That can cause your blood pressure to do funny things which could even make you pass out. You don't want to do that while bench pressing! The bar could break your neck and crush your 'wind-pipe' if you dropped it mid-set. That would put an end to your all of your problems, not just your breathing problems!

Most people think that just breathing in and out while lifting . . . just as long as they're breathing. It will . . . if they don't care about getting the most out of their training.

The right way to breath while training, is to inhale through your nose during the lowering phase, and exhale through your mouth during the lifting phase. An easy way to remember how to breath properly, is to remember the phrase, "blow it up".

A good forceful exhale with the lift can give you up to 40% more power. That's why martial artists make that funny noise when they break a board, (or your face). They aren't trying to scare that poor piece of wood . . . they're going for more power.

I also tell folks to make an "O" mouth for their exhale. If you purse your lips, it's like trying to get as much water as possible out of a hose that's crimped in the middle. That wouldn't be too efficient, would it?

By using this method of breathing, we've had clients who previously needed to use inhalers that were able to give up those inhalers after a couple of months. This is due to the fact that this type of breathing utilizes the entire respiratory system, making it more efficient.

I read an article in one of the popular bodybuilding magazines a few years back that was written by a well known writer with a "Phd." However, after reading the article, I believe the guy's Phd. was in English Literature, or maybe basket weaving, for all I know. His article on breathing was right in line with my thoughts on the subject . . . except for one exercise. He thought you should breath just the opposite while performing Lateral Raises. Strange!

Ya know, this breathing stuff is actually kinda interesting, as well as being pretty important. Maybe we'll talk a little more about it next month . . .

Until next time . . . train hard, but train smart!

- Poppa

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